The Identity Driven Life Recovery Program

Identity based restoration for Christians -transforming the heart by renewing the mind

It’s not what you do that determines who you are, but knowing who you are that will determine what you do

Many Christians ask, 'If I’m a new creation, why do I have so many hang ups?'

The New Testament teaches, '…if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things have become new' (2 Cor.5:17- NKJV). And yet many Christians struggle daily with issues such as:

*Painful emotions – e.g. guilt, fear, depression, grief, etc.

*Unresolved baggage from the past

*Addiction and behavioral problems

*Hurts from toxic relationships

*Self-defeating thinking

*The effects of spiritual abuse

*And more…

Why is this?

The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart

Ken Legg, pastor of New Beginnings Christian Church, Reedy Creek, Gold Coast, Australia says, 'No one can live beyond the level of that which is in their heart. Whatever is happening in your life right now is the result of that which is in your heart.'

So what is in your heart? How did it get there; and what’s God’s way of dealing with it?

Whilst it is true that we become a new creation through the new birth, if we do not renew our minds in accordance with our position in Christ we will continue to struggle with the same old problems. Regeneration is God’s work - renewing the mind is our work.

The Identity Driven Life Program is new creation focused approach to recovery.

About The Identity Driven Life Program

The program is primarily designed to help Christians find recovery from unresolved hurts. However, those from a non-Christian background may also participate in the program, so long as they understand and are comfortable with the strong Biblical orientation of the program.

The program material is based on the following ministry resources:

*This Is The Life: How To Establish Your Heart In The Grace Of God (paperback & grace discipleship program by Ken Legg)

*It’s Not What You Eat That's Making You Sick, But What's Eating You (paperback by Ken Legg)

*Counselling God's Way

(an identity-based Christian counselling program by Ken Legg, available in DVD or CD format)

The Identity Driven Life Program adds a vital dimension to these resources in that it provides for the truths presented in these materials to be processed in a small group setting, known as the 'support group.'

A support group is a small group where participants can work through certain truths in a safe environment and be supported by fellow travelers in the journey of grace.

The support group is led by a team leader who is assisted by a team member. There are up to six other participants in the group, making a total of a maximum of eight. No professional counselling is offered throughout the program. Instead, the group provides an environment in which participants have an opportunity to share areas of their lives in which they are struggling, and explore how God has made provision for these needs to be met.

At the core of the seminar is the New Testament principle - renew the mind and you’ll transform the heart!

The Goal Of The Program

The goal of The Identity Driven Life Program is not just that participants resolve their issues, but that they understand why we have struggles in the first place; and that God's way of recovery is to become established in a firm understanding of who we are in Christ.

Individuals may participate in the program as many times as they wish for the purpose of establishing their hearts in the identification truths. However, we discourage support group dependency as such. Our focus is Christ-dependency.

We desire also that, ideally, the healed becomes the healer. We would love to see participants eventually become support group team members, because the best equipped people to minister to those in need are ones who have gone through similar problems and discovered God's grace in the midst of them.

Program Outline

The Identity Driven Life Program usually runs over a ten-week period. This may be one morning, afternoon or evening per week for ten weeks. (See your program coordinator for local details.)

Each week there will be two segments:

*First, there will be a teaching segment where all participants are present.

*The participants will then break up into support groups where the teaching is discussed and processed.

Here's what some had to say about The Identity Driven Life Recovery Program:

This course is the most exciting course I have ever done. The depth of teaching and insights can't help but transform your life. (Chris Grinham)

This course has made a huge difference to my life, revealing toxic relationships and giving me the 'know how' to set boundaries and not be a door mat any longer because of my insecurities, and knowing that I am acceptable to God.

The recovery course has had a profound effect on my life in that it has helped me to understand completely what my true identity in God really is - which has been an amazing source of comfort during a most difficult time in my life. It has also helped to change old and totally incorrect thought processes and behaviour patterns. (Julie Eotvos)

This 10 step series has something for everyone. An inspiration forward on our journey to wholeness. June Rowcliffe

The identity-driven life program is so wonderful. I have been set free from so many things. The Lord has given me a revealtion of my identity. (Margaret)

Extremely valuable - I really needed this.

Over the last ten weeks my life has truly changed. Thank you. God is good.

A great life changing course.

This course is absolutely fantastic. It has helped me to know how to deal with the roots of every problem. (Patti Hudson)

I think the format is great. I really liked the opportunity to be honest with each other. I think it is such a great way to be real and get support from each other.

This course has taught me to value commitment to a healing process and responsibility for my life in seeking identity in Christ. (Jonathan Foster)

This course has given me a deeper understanding of the truths and wisdom of God's Word and reinforced my belief that 'God has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.' By establishing my heart in the grace of God I can live a victorious and wholesome life and be instrumental in helping others at the same time. (Carolyn Matthews)

Thank you for helping me understand grace.

How Do I Order The Identity-Driven Life Recovery Program?

The Identity-Driven Life Recovery Program is now available in two different packages:

1) Basic Package: This includes 10 DVD’s plus a workbook. This is ideal for those who want to watch the 10 teaching segments of the program alone, or in a group. The DVD titles are:

Session 1 - Unchain My Heart

Session 2 – Understanding The Root Of Our Problems

Session 3 - The Blame Game

Session 4 – The Truth About You

Session 5 – The Shame Game

Session 6 – Breaking Free From Feelings-Based Living

Session 7 – Addictive Behaviour

Session 8 – Toxic Relationships

Session 9 – Good Grief

Session 10 – Establishing Your Heart In Grace

Cost: $95, includes postage to anywhere in Australia ($115, including postage, outside Australia)

Prices including postage

2) Group Package: This is for those who want to run an Identity-Driven Life Recovery Program with a group of participants. It includes the Basic Package (10 DVD’s + workbook) plus a training manual + DVD, 10 extra workbooks, 50 glossy brochures to promote your group, a copy of This Is The Life! and a copy of What's Eating You?

Cost: $245 includes postage to anywhere in Australia ($285, including postage, outside Australia)

Prices including postage

Extra Workbooks. Extra workbooks are available at $20 each, including postage to anywhere in Australia ($25 each, including postage, outside Australia)

Prices including postage